Vintage Update From The Vines - Aravina Estate

Vintage Update From The Vines

Vintage is in full swing at Aravina Estate and Chief Winemaker Ryan Aggiss has an update from the vineyard and the exciting new installation of our winery on site...

"As the sun has continued to shine and the days begin to get shorter it means one thing: vintage 2018. The season has been kind thus far (touch wood), with minimal birds in the area due to the heavy marri blossom and basically no rain to create disease pressures. We really couldn’t have hoped for a better season. 

Last week we harvested both A block and J block Semillon with around 39t in total. We hand picked our premium Chardonnay parcels, with about 11.2t picked in total. Grapes were crushed, pressed and then rolled to some great French oak and are now fermenting up in our winery - as you can see in the photos below.


Crushing the chardonnay and putting some to oak.

Quality was excellent and I expect the wines to look great, continuing with the calibre that that we have been producing over the past few award winning vintages.

We also picked a small 5t pick for our sparkling chenin base and the juice is vibrant and tight, perfect for our 'A' Collection Sparkling Chenin Blanc. This is being racked off it's slushy settlings and then will be tankered into Aravina for ferment later this week or early the next.

So with about 56t picked we are 20% through our picking.....

This week we will pick our Sauvignon Blanc (20t) and remaining Semillon (7t) parcels along with our Tempranillo Rose base (8t). That will only leave a small Sauvingon Blanc pick next week and our mammoth Chenin pick that week too - the estate is famed in the region for it's Chenin for good reason! We have the best quality AND quantity with over 4.6 Ha under vine.

Photo @TrueLoveStory 

Reds are likely to start in a fortnight so it will be a busy but very productive few weeks! Overall quality and yields are epic and with this great weather I'm hopeful of another brilliant Cabernet vintage."

Celebrating 30 Years of Wine Making - Aravina Estate

Celebrating 30 Years of Wine Making

It’s the 50th Anniversary of the wine industry in Margaret River and being one of the region’s most iconic vineyards, we are celebrating in style. To mark 30 years since the estate was first established, Aravina Estate is hosting an event not to be missed for wine lovers! Originally established as Amberley Estate, Aravina owners Steve and Hayley Tobin are joining with the original founders of the estate to commemorate this significant milestone. Tickets are extremely limited to this special evening, with guests treated to a 5 course degustation by head chef Ben Day and matched with Aravina and Amberley museum wines by Aravina’s award winning chief winemaker Ryan Aggiss. Join past and current winemakers and owners of the estate to taste some of the rare wines from one of the region’s most significant Vineyards.

Bookings essential on 9750 1111


Fruitful harvest for Aravina Estate's 2016 vintage - Margaret river winery

Fruitful harvest for Aravina Estate's 2016 vintage

Expectations are high as Aravina Estate’s white wines settle in barrel and tank and the vineyard and winemaking teams harvest the red varieties. Vintage is in full swing in the Margaret River region and across the country.

Twenty-eight hectares of producing vines planted in 1986 will yield a total harvest of around 200 tonnes of fruit for Aravina Estate this year, with quality once again looking outstanding. One third of the vineyard is hand picked, with the remainder machine harvested, depending on the style of wine being made.

Aravina Estate Winemaker Jodie Barton (nee Opie) reports the dry growing season and mostly dry ripening period has resulted in nice sized berries with good skin to juice ratios.

“We are seeing good concentration of flavour and high acids across all varieties planted on the Estate. The vineyard is in the best shape it’s been in for several years thanks to the skill and management of our Viticulturist Ryan Gibbs, with healthy, balanced canopies and even crops.”

This vintage, Aravina Estate will be harvesting its first crop from new plantings of Tempranillo and Malbec, an exciting development for the Estate.

Vintage 2016 will go down as an especially good and busy one for winemaker Jodie Barton and husband Kent who welcomed Billie Rose Barton into the world on 19 January.

Needless to say it’s been a busy time for the family who have taken Billie’s arrival in their stride as Jodie continues to oversee the winemaking at Aravina Estate. It’s a commitment we fully appreciate. Congratulations Jodie on your beautiful bundle – seen here amongst the cabernet.

February 29, 2016 — Bold Merchant Success