A solid season ahead in the vineyard August 29 2016

Winemaker Ryan Aggiss talks about what's happening in the vineyard and how the 2017 vintage is taking shape.

It's official, winter is behind us. Goodbye dormancy, hello growing season... 

With the period of dormancy now officially over we have budburst in our prized chardonnay block at Aravina Estate. This significant development marks the start of the growing season for the 2017 vintage and is a trigger for the Estate to swing into the task of growing some of Margaret River’s finest grapes.

The process of budburst signifies the soil temperature has increased enough to stimulate the activation of the hormones required for producing green growth and fruiting shoots.

After a long winter of carbohydrate accumulation, root development and soil nutrient loading the vines will now call on those reserves to provide nutrient and substrate to commence the long growing cycle. With solid winter rains filling the soil profile and dams, we prepare for the spring growth period and pray for no hail, storms or destructive winds that could damage the fragile green shoots on our vines.

With good rainfall and the apparent evenness of the development of the new shoots, it appears we are well placed for a consistent and healthy start to the growing season.

Focus in the vineyard will be shifting towards ensuring even shoot growth of all varietals on the Estate and hoping the weather Gods are kind over the spring period.

With barrel selection occurring for the production of our iconic 2015 Wildwood Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Wildwood Ridge Chardonnay it’s an exciting time for the Estate as we can reflect on the success of the previous two years of grape growing and winemaking, and look for continued success in 2017.