Kitchen Garden set to double in size - Aravina  Restaurant

Aravina Estate will take another step toward greater sustainability and taste in the restaurant when an expansion of its kitchen garden begins next month. 

Chef Ben Day’s fresh and flavoursome meals incorporate herbs, vegetables and flowers from the estate’s 36 square metres of raised kitchen garden beds planted to ensure delicious seasonal fare features on the restaurant’s menu.

In December, the real estate dedicated to growing pesticide-free produce will double. Lettuces, beets, chard, rhubarb, basil, eggplants and corn will sit aside a tiered and landscaped native garden of edible flowers, native saltbush and garnish plants.

A succulent berry patch is slated for a later date and chickens and bees could also join the garden area in the future.

The kitchen garden’s architect and chief nurturer Eve, who created the original organic gardens at Cullen Wines and the former Dunsborough health café, Samudra, says the gardens and newly planted orchard of citrus, apple and pears is special within the region.

She says everyone involved with the kitchen garden at Aravina understands that great gardens take time, but she also enjoys working with the restaurant to supply current demands.

“Ben and the kitchen team have a great passion and awareness for seasonal produce and growing food that tastes good. Expanding the already substantial garden will ultimately enhance the dining experience at Aravina, so there are plenty of great outcomes.

“I take my hat off to owners Steve and Hayley Tobin who have a clear vision for Aravina into the future. It is great to see abundant, pesticide-free, home-grown produce as part of that future.”

November 14, 2015 — Bold Merchant Success