Word on the Vine... | Aravina Estate


As April begins it's an exciting time in the vineyard with the vines turning to a shade of gold and their bounty continuing to ripen for harvest.

Chief Winemaker Ryan Aggiss has the full details below on the word in the vines and and update on vintage at Aravina Estate:

"Another week has flown by, thankfully with some dappled sun and warm days, so here is a wrap of the current movements and goings on within the viticulture and winemaking scene at Aravina.

Whites are all completed! 162 tonne in total that fittingly was finished with our hand picked block 4 Chenin 4 tonne parcel on Thursday morning. Without any bias I can say our whites are as strong as anyone's in the region.

Our Chardonnay is balanced and powerfully aromatic. The Sauvignon Blanc is punchy and juicy. Semillon is bursting with citrus and blossom. The Chenin (processed today and going to oak tomorrow) is rich, lifted and full of fresh acid and will be a great follow up to the 2016.

Our Rose base was picked last night and we have just finished processing it now (almost, just adjusting juice specs as we speak). Both Tempranillo and Shiraz juices are bright and fresh and will be hurried into bottle at the earliest convenience.

Now its time for reds. Our young vine Cabernet and Malbec were picked last night,the Cabernet looks amazing. I combined both varietals to an open fermenter where they will stay for ~10 days until they are sugar dry.

Next week will be picking our Merlot and perhaps our premium Cabernet...watch this space and keep up the sundances...."

April 06, 2017 — Bold Merchant Success