Grapevine news! March 23 2017

Whilst picking is on hold for a day or so with some wet weather in the region, Chief Winemaker Ryan Aggiss takes the time to offer a rundown on how things are looking in the vines as vintage continues.

"It’s been another busy and successful week for Aravina as we continue to work deep into V17. It hasn’t been without its challenges or sleep deprivation, but the grapes and wines are looking as good as I’ve seen from the Estate.

Grape yields are around 25% higher for the whites then previous years, which is great news!

 In the vines 80 tonne of whites have now been processed, which equates to ~ %35 of our total harvest yield expectations. We still have a little more Chenin to hand pick and then it's time for the reds...

Additionally the winery is full tilt at the moment...

    • The first pick of the Chardonnay is already through ferment, this was picked from the middle of both the East and West blocks. This will now be topped out, locked up in its oak and stirred weekly to build complexity.
    • The second handpicked Chardonnay is starting to ferment now and is looking great.
    • Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are in tank and ready for the next phase of their lives, fermentation. I will be putting a portion of these wines to large format oak puncheons (500lts)  to add complexity and class to the base wine.
    • We will process the handpicked Chenin on Saturday, and that will go straight to barrel."